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Welcome, and thank you for visiting. This site is dedicated to presenting two books, Going to Water: The Journal of Beginning Rain and Sam Woods American Healing, as well as the ideas and feelings that form them, words springing out of Indigenous experience, Native American experience, mixedblood experience, non-Indigenous experience, and the stories that rise up through all our histories together. My aim is to further our understanding of the human condition through close examination of our time, of how we got here, of what we’re doing now, and of where we have the possibilities to go from here.

Cover of Going to Water, by Stan RushworthGoing to Water
Agana is a time traveler. She moves from a thousand years before Columbus into current time in an effort to shift how the great perpetrators of cruelty and inhumanity see themselves and what they’ve done. She cannot change history, for that is not in her power, but she may be able to change how those who form history perceive the world they shape. In this, she has a chance to alter how all people think about human beings on this planet, with the earth and with one another. “Going to Water” is a very old Cherokee ceremony of purification and rejuvenation, and in this novel one is asked to look honestly at perceptions and actions across a huge swath of time and place, in order to cleanse the mind and heart. In this meeting, there is a chance for fundamental change, the shift of a fundamental paradigm, and as Agana desires and works so hard for, to let the children know anything is possible in life. This story is an adventure, a dialogue with forces of creation and destruction, seduction and deceit, honesty and care. We meet Will Rogers and Adolf Hitler, and many other villains and allies intimately. It is the journal of a Cherokee woman with tremendous courage and determination to persevere in the face of all odds, one who carries a transcendent vision while struggling with everyday life. Where she succeeds and fails is determined by her clarity of focus, by her trust in culture and family, by the powerful responses to the emotional ride she takes on her journey, and by her enduring love. Read More

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Cover of Sam Woods, by Stan RushworthSam Woods
Sam Woods is a memoir, narrative non-fiction, a record of how people stray from themselves and one another, and how they find their ways back. It is made of short tales and prayers, mysterious happenings and ways found to move through those happenings to the best place possible, given the circumstances, the people, and the place with all its history. It is a global story, an intimate story, a universal story of how politics and history and sexuality and fear and love entwine, twisting around each other to create our lives. Sam Woods chronicles his experiences with old friends and new people who sorely need connection, as he does, in a world built on separation, on individualism taken to a fault, and in this deeply personal account, he gives voice to something underlying all our experience, the urge to join with others and the world around us, and to know this joining is our most basic reality.

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